Fraunhofer FIT and RWTH Aachen University

Testing lab

The Fraunhofer Centre for Digital Energy, Fraunhofer and RWTH Aachen University will contribute a lab focussed on grid integration of distributed energy resources and electrification of the transport (e-mobility) and heating sector. Using both simulation and emulation, as well as real components connected to the lab’s own network feeders (low- and medium-voltage) current and future challenges for the grid and energy system are assessed in varying detail. Besides pure simulation or pure operation, simulation environments can be coupled with hardware components to create an extensible cyber-physical lab. The lab offers significant integration of ICT and OT that not only replicates current operator infrastructure but can also yield additional insight into challenges that arise from a more-or-less fully ICT-networked distribution grid. Within this cyber-physical lab, using hardware components in conjunction with real control-systems (grid operators’ and other energy system entities such as VPP operators’) gives the opportunity to evaluate transition paths from today’s systems towards a more autonomous yet still secure energy system in the future. This lab facility is undergoing a further investment of 4 M€ by the end of 2020.

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