Cyber Securing Energy dAta Services

Why CyberSEAS

The dramatic increase in the attack surface of a modern power grid necessitates effective solutions to protect EPES from these high-impact cyber attacks.
CyberSEAS focuses precisely on these attacks, which not only have the highest potential to disrupt the business continuity of critical elements in energy distribution, but also – and more importantly – cause serious security incidents, with loss of life and substantial damage to infrastructure (including cascading effects) and critical privacy breaches.
CyberSEAS considers the challenges and constraints arising from the increasing use of decentralised renewable energy sources and the large proportion of legacy systems that will continue to co-exist in extended energy supply chains involving a variety of different operators and consumers.
CyberSEAS also covers attacks on the confidentiality of citizens’ data, as well as on the privacy and integrity of the energy data space in general.

26 organisations

10 supporting organisations

to protect EPES interconnected data and systems against the highest impact cyber threats

30 solutions and services

of which 20 achieve TRL8+ and 10 TRL7
deployed as customisable security measures

Test across 100+ attack scenarios

in 3 testing labs in 2 European countries
and in 6 infrastructures in 6 European countries


CyberSEAS includes 6 piloting infrastructures in addition to 3 testing labs and will run a set of 100+ scenarios.




Organisations involved: ELES - PETROL - INFORMATIKA - SI-CERT


Organisations involved: HOPS - ELES


Organisations involved: Municipality of Benetutti - Municipality of Berchidda - STAM - ZIV

The Results

Public deliverables, publications, video & brochures

In this section, all public deliverables, publications, videos, and brochures released by the project will be made available for reading and downloading


...and more use cases


energy grid operators external to the consortium using CyberSEAS tools


% of coverage of attack scenarios classified as Critical by ENISA's IoT security report

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Paolo Roccetti

Project coordinator

Luigi Romano

Technical coordinator