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Andrej Bregar from INFORMATIKA and Husseis Anas and Jose Luis Flores from IKERLAN were awarded the Runner-Up 2024 GDN Springer Best Paper Award at the joint GDN & ICDSST 2024 conference (24th International Conference on Group Decision and Negotiation & 10th International Conference on Decision Support System Technology, Joint Conference (, which was held in Porto, Portugal between 2nd and 5th June 2024. The scientific paper entitled »Group Decision-Making Process for Cyberattack Mitigation« presented the original results of the CyberSEAS D4.8 deliverable introducing the multi-criteria decision model to deal with cyber security of IT-OT integrated EPES infrastructures, a comprehensive decision-making methodology, a group decision-making process, the decision support system, and response and mitigation measures to ensure business continuity and reduce the cascading effects of cyber-attacks. The paper was selected through a thorough evaluation process from more than 80 contributions. The award sponsors are the INFORS Group Decision and Negotiation (GDN) Section and the Springer publishing company.

The full paper can be obtained from the authors upon request. Some further details on the methodology and the developed DSS tool are also presented in the “Mitigation Measures” CyberSEAS blog post (CyberSEAS | Mitigation measures). The full list of GDN award recipients is available on the INFORMS website (GDN INFORMS Section Award Recipients – Group Decision and Negotiation).