IKERLAN’s cybersecurity laboratory - SQS certification laboratory

IKERLAN's testing lab

The lab will be used to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of cybersecurity measures developed by the project to EPES components and systems – as well as to connectivity solutions and digital platforms. These components are designed by exercising the certified development lifecycle which is required in order to certify devices with relevant cybersecurity standards.

Tests will be done with respect to cybersecurity features (anticloning, antitampering, authentication, integrity, availability and more), as well as to safety and security compliance (IEC-61508 / IEC-62443), since the lab includes the necessary equipment to test and validate products developed according to these standards. Testing campaigns will include penetration testing, communication robustness, fuzz-testing, and functional security testing. The activity of the laboratory is fully aligned with relevant cybersecurity standards, with a clear orientation to product certification. The laboratory is not accredited to perform product certification, but compliance evidences will be collected, which are used to support the process with a certification body.

SQS's certification lab

The SQS TestLab is located in Bilbao and Madrid and it encompasses hardware infrastructure, management and testing software infrastructure, a set of technical and management procedures under continuous investment and a human team with extensive experience in undertaking testing processes. In recent years, SQS has worked to connect the TestLab with external testing infrastructures, with the aim to offer the client special testing services in a transparent and flexible way.

Moreover, in September 2019 SQS obtained the ISO27001 Certification for its information security management system associated with software testing and quality services, evidencing its commitment to the information security of all its stakeholders, showing the strategy to offer all its services complying with the strictest international quality standards

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