CyberSEAS stakeholder community


About the community

In order to maximize the impact of our developments and projects’ results, we created the CyberSEAS stakeholder community. The main direction of this expert networking is an information exchange ecosystem to feed EPES Infrastructure Stakeholders’ community with relevant best practices and new knowledge on improving the cybersecurity and resiliency of their infrastructure.

Main benefits of participating in the CyberSEAS stakeholder community are:

  • Be informed about main projects processes and technical developments in area of EPES;
  • Possibility for exchanging best practices and latest experiences in EPES environments;
  • Possibility to influence on preparation new EU regular framework in the area of EPES with proposals and suggestions;
  • Possibility to influence on preparation new standardization framework in the area of EPES with proposals and suggestions;
  • Become an important part of the expert network for sharing new security-related ideas in the EPES area.

Who could become a part of the Stakeholder community:

  • Stakeholders and operators in EPES organization environments;
  • Security experts in all security domains;
  • Stakeholders and operators form other Critical Infrastructure organizations;
  • Members of associated EPES and other security-related projects and networks;
  • Members of national and international Law enforcement and security agencies;
  • Members of National and international standardization organizations.


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Technical coordinator

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