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Dear followers,

we are excited to share the recent webinar held on 21 March 2024 organized in cooperation with the CyberSEAS project and the Slovenian delegation of Women4Cyber.

This event was a great opportunity to learn about the NIS2 directive on cyber security.

The NIS2 Directive is the new EU legislation on cyber security, that aims to strengthen cyber security in the EU. Entering into force in 2023, it updates the previous 2016 rules to address better evolving digital threats, extending protection to new entities and sectors, especially in the energy field.

During the webinar, titled “Unpacking cyber-resilience for EPES with NIS2 (Woman’s perspective) we were privileged to welcome industry experts and all strictly women.

The topics discussed were as follows:

  • OT cyber-realities with NIS2 within EU organizations – Maite Carli Garcia (CCI, Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial-Industrial Cybersecurity Centre, Spain)
  • NIS2 in the OT environment – Anna Alfiero (Airbus, Germany)
  • NIS2: A driver for the low-carbon Energy Transition in Europe – Charukeshi Joglekar (Fraunhofer, Germany)
  • Getting Ready for NIS2 – The National CSIRT perspective on new communication challenges – Jasmina Mešić (National CERT, Slovenia)
  • Vision Drives Strategy: Charting Paths to Success of CyberSEAS results – Francesca Giampaolo (Engineering, Italy)


If you were unable to attend the webinar or would like to review the session, you are welcome to do so here:


We would like to warmly thank the speakers and all the other women involved in the organisation who contributed to the success of this event.

Stay tuned for further updates and opportunities to get involved.