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Author: – Prof. Luigi Romano CINI

Prosumers, with their capability to impact the grid dynamic, could inadvertently become unaware attackers. If compromised, their systems might be exploited as attack vectors against the broader power grid, posing a serious threat to grid stability and security ⚠️.

Addressing this challenge is urgent. It’s essential to develop and implement robust cybersecurity measures specifically tailored for prosumers. This includes ensuring secure communication channels, implementing regular security updates, and providing cybersecurity awareness and training. By safeguarding prosumers, we not only protect them but also fortify the resilience of our entire energy supply chain 🔒🌞.

The time to act is now. In CyberSEAS WP8 we are working hard to secure our energy future by protecting every link in the supply chain, especially the prosumers who are increasingly becoming a cornerstone of our energy systems ⚡️🌍.