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Executive Summary

This deliverable deals with the documentation of functional and non-functional requirements for the CyberSEAS pilots as well as the technical specification derived from them.

It constitutes the bridge from task T3.1 and its deliverable D3.1, which focuses on the definition of pilot scenarios and high-level requirements, to task T3.3, which uses the content of this deliverable as input for the design of the toolset architecture and integration approach. Additionally, metrics for evaluating compliance of development activities with the identified requirements have been documented.

Further, this deliverable documents the societal, ethical, legal and privacy (SELP) value framework for the CyberSEAS project, specific SELP values and requirements derived from relevant documents (such as the EU framework for Responsible Research and Innovation, and the General Data Protection Regulation). Additionally, a general methodology for applying and monitoring SELP values within the project is proposed.