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Author: – ENERIM – 

In the CyberSEAS project, Enerim focuses on cybersecurity of energy common data spaces, and we will follow closely the European Energy Common Data Space (EECDS) initiative.

The modern energy system requires significant data exchange between stakeholders to ensure the security and efficiency of energy system operations. The initiative aims to create a unified and secure platform for collecting and sharing energy-related data. It allows energy data exchange and sharing between stakeholders such as energy companies, national authorities, researchers, and consumers. The data stored can be used for a variety of purposes, including market analysis, energy management and development of new energy technologies and services. However, sharing data between various systems and stakeholders possess increased risk of data breaches. With proper governance, cybersecurity related vulnerabilities and risks can be mitigated.


Later in the project, we will tell you more about the best practices and lessons learned of securing common data spaces. Stay tuned!

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