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A comprehensive analysis of cyber security of electric power systems (EPES) in CyberSEAS project focuses on defining the key steps for an effective cyber security system, with particular attention paid to the organizational environment in critical infrastructure sectors.

Emphasizing the global impact of cyber-attacks on the EPES network, the need for cross-border coordination and international cooperation in the field of cyber security is highlighted.

European legislation and regulations are explored, examining good practices and recommendations relating to cyber security. The analysis of the situation covers organizational aspects, operational procedures, technology, cooperation, coordination, education, training, and personnel aspects. Special emphasis is placed on technology, with an emphasis on understanding global supply chains and external partners.

A technological development framework is being introduced under the CyberSEAS project, which aims to improve the cyber security of the EPES. It is focused on the technology partner of the EPES stakeholder, which lays the groundwork for active data collection, leading to a further focus on the analysis of good practices and recommendations to strengthen the cyber security of EPES.

The key role of the energy sector and the growing threat of energy cyber security as systems evolve need to be emphasized. It highlights the interconnected nature of EPES with other critical infrastructure sectors and highlights the need for robust cyber security measures. We highlight the potential for cascading effects of cyber threats, which can have consequences for the economy, public safety and basic services.

The rapid digital transformation of the energy sector brings cyber security challenges. Key points should be presented, including growing cyber threats, vulnerabilities in energy infrastructure, and recommendations to improve cyber security and energy opportunities. Collaboration between industry stakeholders, regulators and governments is important as essential to creating a secure energy environment for a long and sustainable future.