The Slovenian infrastructure extends across the full chain and involves the most important energy domain players in the Slovenian electro-energy system.


  • Challenges ofcontinuous and uninterrupted collection of non-energy related data. ELES and OPERATO collect and use environmental data from three different sources to optimize network power flows close to real time using novel system for dynamic line rating called SUMO. This data automatically feeds SUMO that is connected with SCADA systems supporting real time system operation.
  • Challenges of cooperation between TSOs, retailers, aggregators and diverse prosumers, when using public communication networks. It addresses cyber-security challenges of current energy-domain data exchanges using economically favourable (public) communication connections compliant to technical standards and propose new means of secure communications supporting wide cooperation with aggregators as well as open governance solutions for cooperation. It connects with the Slovenian CERT.
  • Challenges of cyber-security governance across organisations, extending to the national agencies and CERT. The campaign will address and evaluate methodological measures for cyber-security cooperation among extended range of sector stakeholders (National CERT, ELES, PETROL, INFORMATIKA. The cooperation is supported by Slovenian National Security Agency, Ministry of Defence covering critical infrastructures, Ministry of Infrastructure, National CERT, etc.), covering exchange of cyber-security information and cooperative cyber treat mitigation

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