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Author: ICS

On November 27, 2023, the State Council of the Republic of Slovenia held a national consultation entitled “Resilience and business continuity of key organizations – an imperative of modern society” in the co-organization of the State Council, the Institute for Corporate Security Studies (ICS) and the Slovenian Association for Corporate Security. At the national conference, we had the opportunity to present the CyberSEAS project, through an extremely interesting presentation, which was presented by Mr. Žiga Podgoršek from the Institute for Corporative Security Studies. An outline of the CyberSEAS project, the project’s mission, challenges and pathways to solutions, and the project’s future plans were presented.

The presentation of the CyberSEAS project was followed by a strategic discussion with a round table entitled “New Systemic Approaches for Ensuring Higher Resilience and Business Continuity of Organizations in Modern Society”, which was attended by top decision-makers in Slovenia and moderated by Denis ČALETA from the Institute for Corporate Security Studies.

Based on the experience of major EU projects, the consultation helped strategic management and the professional public identify good practices in the introduction and construction of an appropriate business continuity system in their organizations.