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Dr. Paolo Roccetti CyberSEAS project coordinator and Dr. Denis Caleta, WP8 coordinator in the end of April organized meeting with representatives from eFORT project. Both projects focus on European power grids with main goal that these grids would be more resilient and reliable against failures, cyberattacks, physical disturbances and data privacy issues. A lot of possible cooperation and collaboration ideas between projects were discussed.


CyberSEAS team is inviting anyone from EPES community to join our ‘Community of StakeHolders’ for further exchange and cooperation. See Read More for additional information on the potential areas of cooperation.

To express your interest to join the CyberSEAS StakeHolders Community, please complete the form HERE.


Below are some of the potential areas and topics for cooperation, with the European Power Electrical Systems (EPES) and Cybersecurity:

  1. Knowledge exchange: Sharing expertise, lessons learned, and technical knowledge related to European Power Electrical Systems.
  2. Best practices: Identifying and promoting industry best practices in EPES design, operation, and maintenance.
  3. Project results dissemination: Sharing project outcomes, research findings, and success stories to enhance collective knowledge and impact.
  4. Project tools awareness: Increasing awareness and understanding of innovative tools, technologies, and methodologies used in EPES projects.
  5. Standardization and interoperability: Collaborating on developing standards and protocols to ensure seamless integration and interoperability of EPES components.
  6. Future collaboration opportunities: Identifying potential joint research projects, funding opportunities, and partnerships for future EPES initiatives.
  7. Policy advocacy: Collaborating on policy recommendations and advocacy efforts to support the advancement and adoption of EPES at the European level.
  8. Testing and validation: Sharing testing facilities, methodologies, and validation frameworks to ensure the reliability and safety of EPES components and systems.

These areas of cooperation can serve as a starting point for discussions and activities within the EPES community group, fostering collaboration and collective progress in the field of European Power Electrical Systems.

For more information on the StakeHolders Community, main benefits of joining, who could join, and to register your interest to join, please visit CyberSEAS stakeholder community contact page HERE