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In recent years, the infrastructure and electricity grids have been projected into a dizzying technological transformation towards “intelligence on-board”. Industry and energy managers, as well as the transport sector, are increasingly aware of the risks arising from this new model and should therefore adopt effective tools for adequate protection of the infrastructure. The main actors in this sector are committed towards the creation of standards and increasingly intelligent tools (AI) to generate valid countermeasures to this new global threat.

The topics of CSET 2022 Conference are all related to Transport Critical Infrastructures and Energy Critical Infrastructures, ranging from technologies such as IoT, 5G, Automotive, Railways and Artificial Intelligence, to the correlation between Cyber security, security & safety (Cyber physical, Digitalisation vs Security/Safety), Cyber war, supply chain and OSE (Operators of Essential Services) certification, regulations (Italy and foreign experiences, suggestions), prevention and management of human error.

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