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We are pleased to inform you that the first meeting of CyberSEAS Stakeholder Community was organized in the beginning of December 2022. This is an important foundation step for organizing CyberSEAS Stakeholder community in order to maximize the impact of our developments and projects’ results, we created. The main direction of this expert networking is an information exchange ecosystem to feed EPES Infrastructure Stakeholders’ community with relevant best practices and new knowledges on improving the cybersecurity and resiliency of their infrastructure.

Dr. Paolo Roccetti made a presentation of the CyberSEAS project results which have been achieved in the first year of project operation. Dr. Denis Caleta as a coordinator of CyberSEAS Stakeholder community presented the plan for further organizing and work in the community. The meeting finished with active debate among foundation participants od this meeting. We got a lot of valuable suggestions and proposals for further organizing CyberSEAS Stakeholder community. The next meeting of the community will be organized in February 2023.

To join our community, please fill out the contact form.